This was originally front page content. I keep it here for now as a snapshot of that time’s perspective (at the risk of some confusion for the reader).

What do we know?


used to be a rather usual introduction to what I do, how I do it, and the purpose of this particular professional endeavour of mine. Like a lot of things we used to know or thought we knew, I felt it didn’t serve anymore.


below is another attempt at presenting where I’m at, why you might want to get in touch, discuss your challenges and ideas, and work with me. Or not.

So far


Most of my professional work since I was trained as an IT engineer – long ago – has been crafting [what I deemed to be] reliable and beautiful code, and helping others do it. I worked in consulting firms, went freelance, co-founded a start-up, moved across Earth, was employed again, and overall contributed to a pretty wide variety of projects; advocating for “agile” values, principles and practices as they entered the mainstream.

Graphic & UX design

I never formally learned design, but affinity for visual languages led me to incorporate as much as I could in my contributions. You’re not hiring me as your art director anytime soon, but I’ve done visual identity, typography, interaction design, information architecture, content strategy, on digital and analog media.


Doing “project management” earned me praise, but I found “collaboration” to be a more honest and fruitful angle; since I quit consulting it’s been my primary focus to help teams be teams. How to learn, reflect and communicate as a group in ways that are effectual and respectful? How to set up efficient tooling and processes while embracing our human messiness? I’ve come to like the never-really-sorted, living aspect.

Work ethics

Doing the Right Thing has been a disposition of mine for as long as I remember, which both served and distressed others and myself. Trying to tread the cold, unloving [and illusory] path of perfection, I learned that doing right sometimes goes wrong, and that letting things go wrong can be right. I may even have learned that there is no wrong decision. But, care we must. Within my humble limitations, I remain mindful of every step.


For what I know, coming next could be to throw all the above aside and go farming. In this time, I doubt most of us really have an idea. I’m currently exploring side tracks (art, movement, music…), that may remain just that or lead to something else. I’m certainly looking for what I’ve practiced so far to serve into the future, helping me do my part for our collective healing, for Life, for Beauty. [Does that sound like some overly grand scheming of things to you? I’m interested.] “How” is not up to me though. It might be up to you.

branches dans la brise